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Meet Jay Black

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photo/ Staff

Hi, my name is Jay and here's what I think:

It's nice to meet you too. If you haven't noticed, my name is Jay Black, and I am the 4,230,201st person to have a column on the internet. I feel accomplished. Actually, I do feel honored to have a little bit of space on

I love Athens, and it's nice to get back in the loop. But before we talk about you, a little bit about me.

I'm a UGA grad with a degree in Broadcast Journalism from the Grady College of Journalism. You've heard my voice on 95.5-FM and AM-750 News/Talk WSB Radio (owned by Cox Media Group, which also owns this website. We rule the world, or most of north Georgia). You'll also hear my contributions on the Georgia Bulldogs Radio Network.

I'm a lifelong Georgian, born and raised in Suwanee, and graduate of Collins Hill High School. My dad is an electrician and my mom stayed at home to raise me, my brother and my sister. I come from an old school, southern home, and thank God for that.

Something my parents beat into me (yes, I was spanked as a child, and you should be too) is hard work and humility. Which means you don't care what I think, and I know that you don't care what I think. I'm ok with this. Of the 4,230,201, only 10 of us actually think that.

So why should you read this? I'm guessing boredom or I have a captive audience (the restroom). But I hope you'll be entertained. We will talk mostly about sports. I love football, baseball, college basketball. I love watching golf, and I love the first hole when I'm on the course, and then I realize I suck.

Sometimes we can talk about other things, but don't expect too much politics. There are 2,301,100 other columns you can read about that.

Still with me? Good (whew).

For those that have left, bite me. This is the internet version of talking behind someone's back, which I guess is really the whole internet.

Now that we are buddies, let's talk football, and the first point I want to make is about the Dawg that wears II on his back, Todd Gurley. Our managing editor, workhorse, and guy who pays me, Scott Smith, gave you a little taste of something I wrote for WSB after the Georgia Bulldogs took care of South Carolina, 41-30. "I'm not bold enough to say (Gurley is) going to win the Heisman Trophy, but I sure wouldn't be surprised if he made it to New York," I wrote.

Actually, I'm just going to go ahead and say it. Gurley WILL go to New York as a Heisman finalist, and some of Herschel Walker's records are obtainable (is that blasphemy for me to say that?). Gurley is the best running back Georgia has had since Walker (sorry Knowshon Moreno. But you do get to play with Peyton Manning, so everybody's a winner). He's got 1,671 rushing yards in 16 career games. Herschel finished with 5,259 yards and Garrison Hearts finishes second with 3,232. Gurley has already torn up two top 10 teams in consecutive weeks. "And I don't think he's 100 percent healthy," Georgia coach Mark Richt said after Gurley ran for 132 yards on 30 carriers against the Gamecocks.

Gurley is already seventh in the nation in rushing with 288 yards. No one in front of him is on a Top 10 team. That means everyone will get to see him. He's already the leader in the running back clubhouse, according to, which ranks him fifth overall. Gurley's numbers are only going to soar. The only tough defenses he plays this season are LSU (only gave up 114 rush yards to TCU in the opener) and Florida (allowed 50 rush yards in the loss to Miami). Of course those are the same Gators that Gurley ran for 118 against last year.

I told you all of that to tell you this (I like stats, sometimes I use too much to make a point, it's a character flaw, so please work with me on this. Thank you); It's only going to get better for Todd Gurley II. Season II will be better than Season I, and that will send him to New York, which would be a big deal for a Bulldog. Despite Georgia's solid-to-great seasons in the 30 years since Herschel Walker won the Heisman, only 2 players have finished in the Top 5 in voting (Terry Hoage '83, Garrison Hearst '92). That's pretty surprising, but Gurley's success won't be. He will be the third (if he doesn't get hurt, knock on wood everybody).

"Gurley for Heisman..I said it first." tweeted Jarvis Jones after Georgia's second game. Well I think I said it also, but since Jarvis' is bigger, faster, stronger, meaner and richer than me, I'll stand down.

And we're off and running. See you next week (hopefully).






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